December Bulk Trash Pickup: is scheduled for December 21. Items to be placed curbside no earlier than noon December 20th.


Public Statement

from the South Amherst Board of Public Affairs:

To our fellow residents and valued customers:

A recent event at our water tower has led to a series of water main breaks and leaks resulting in a series of instances of temporary pressure loss. These main breaks can cause a loss of water pressure, or even temporary loss of service, as the main is shut down to isolate and repair the emergency.

Your South Amherst Board of Public Affairs is taking diligent steps to react to current events as quickly as possible. We are currently taking steps to coordinate funds to respond to the immediate situation we are faced with. Also, we are attempting to obtain grants to take proactive measures to improve our water system and replace older infrastructure. We greatly appreciate the patience of our customers and for your understanding while we work on addressing the immediate needs our our water system.