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Building & Zoning Department



at (440) 986-1061 or [email protected]

Messages will be returned within 1 business day

Chapter 13 Building codes have been revised and approved as of 11/12/2018. You may view the Building Ordinance by going to the Related Links page and click on the following Walter H. Drane Co. Codified Ordinance.

Our forms are now online for a more streamlined submission and a faster review process.

Permit applications may be downloaded/printed and submitted manually at the Village Hall which is located at 103 W. Main St. South Amherst, OH 44001


Online Permits & Payments

Commercial Building Permit

Contractor Permit

Residential Building Permit

Zoning Permit Application


Contractor's Permit

All contractors doing work in the Village of South Amherst must be registered to do work within the village. Click on the correct form located above to submit your registration electronically or  you may drop your application and required documents off at the South Amherst Townhall at 103 W. Main St, South Amherst, Ohio. There is a $75.00 registration fee for the first year and $50.00 for renewal.



Zoning Inspector - David Valentine  (440) 986-1162.

Please see our Walter H. Drane Co. Codified Ordinances on our related links page.

For a zoning map for the Village of South Amherst, click here.

Zoning permits are required for:

  • new construction
  • alteration or additions
  • driveways
  • patios
  • side walks
  • fences
  • decks
  • swimming pools
  • signs
  • garage
  • accessory buildings
  • driveway pipes


For any questions regarding the Building or Zoning Department please email [email protected] or call (440) 986-1061.


Board of Zoning  Appeals

Board of Zoning Appeals meets the 4th Wednesday of the month as needed at 7:00 p.m.

For meeting request please contact [email protected] or (440) 986-2222 opt. 5

Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting Request Form

Chair - Mayor Scott Jones

Council Rep - David Troike

Member - Steve Iwanek

Member - Dominic Gentile

Member - Vacant



Laurie Beran
Phone: (440) 986-1061
David Valentine
Zoning Inspector
Phone: (440) 986-1162