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Records Department

Procedure for Public Records Request

All requests shall be made to the Records Clerk who shall determine the appropriate department of the Village to respond.  The clerk shall inform the person making the request the anticipated time for the completion of the response and coordinate the completion of the request.

Contact information for the clerk is (440) 986-2222 ext. 5 or [email protected] 

Village of South Amherst Public Records Policy

South Amherst Codified Ordinances - All codified ordinances including Building & Zoning

Completed legislation may be obtained or viewed at the Village Hall by contacting the Records Clerk at (440) 986-2222 ext. 5, email [email protected] or viewing at Piggy's Main Street Market, East of Chicago, the Community Park and the outside board on the north side of the Village Hall.

2024 Ordinances thru February 12, 2024 

Please click the link to read the ordinances in their entirety  2024 Ordinances

2024 Resolutions thru February 12, 2024

Please click the link to read the resolutions in their entirety 2024 Resolutions


Past Ordinances

2022 Ordinances

2021 Ordinances

2020 Ordinances

2019 Ordinances



Laurie Beran - Chair - Record Clerk
Michelle Henke - Fiscal Officer
Judy Meade - Community Representative
Scott Jones - Mayor
Matthew Mishak - Law Director


Laurie Beran
Chair - Record Clerk