Election Information

2023 Election Information

Voting location for the Village of South Amherst is:

Old Fashion Grace Baptist Church 500 W Main St. South Amherst

Please contact Lorain County Board of Elections for the following:

  • Register to vote, update your address, voter information, and absentee voter ballot.
  • Candidate information: Requirement Guide, Finance Reporting

Lorain County Board of Elections    1985 N Ridge Road E Lorain OH 44055

(440) 326-5900     voteloraincountyohio.gov

November 7, 2023 General Election – Village of South Amherst Elections

2023 Ballot


Issue 1     Constitutional Amendment

Issue 2     Proposed Law


Vote for two members of Lorain County Educational Service Center

Issue 20    Divide Lorain County into 7 Districts

Issue 21    Additional Levy 0.5     for 911

Issue 22    Additional Levy 0.25   Criminal Justice Services

Issue 23    Replacement 1.6 mils  Continuing Operations

Amherst & New Russia Townships

Vote for one Trustee and Fiscal Officer

Firelands Local School District

Vote for two members of the Board of Education


Issue 41    Renewal 1.5 mils              Fire Department

Mayor  (4 yr. term) 1/1/24 through 12/31/27

General duties: See that all ordinances, bylaws, and resolutions of council are faithfully obeyed and enforced. Communicate to council the finances and general conditions of the affairs of the village. Officiates council meetings.

Annual salary: $13,000.00

(2) Council Seats (4 yr. term) 1/1/24 through 12/31/27

General duties: Legislate ordinance, resolutions, approve policies, adopt the annual budget, plus provide vision and goals for the village. Attend council, committee and special meetings as required.

Annual Salary: $2,976.25

(2) Board of Public Affairs (4 yr. term) 1/1/24 through 12/31/27

General duties: Manage, conduct and control the water and storm water system, collect fees, and appoint employees. Make bylaws and rules as necessary for the safe, economical, and efficient management  and protection of both systems.

Annual Salary: $1,838.52

***All elected officials must be a resident of the village for 1 year immediately prior to election. Please visit the Lorain County Board of Elections website for candidate information and deadlines.


Upcoming appointed positions:

(1) Board of Cemetery Trustees (6 yr. term) 1/1/24 through  12/31/29

General Duties: Adopt by-laws and regulations relative to the management, care, upkeep, and improvement of village-owned cemeteries. Manage the day-to-day operations of the cemeteries and appoint employees.

Annual Salary: $1,046.64

(1) Park Board (3 yr. term) 1/1/24 through 12/31/26

The board has the control and management of all park properties.

Annual Salary: volunteer $0.00

***Appointed positions may be applied for by filling out the Letter of Interest Form that is located on the Village  Opportunities page.